A conscience breathing, I must see where my mind is
and what does it desire, because I feel a bit on a wire.
I might feel sensitive—
Who doesn’t?
A concious soul so visible, her heart is one that whispers—
I know. Soft and yet harmed,
her hands left untouched, I sing clear to her only once,
“A little bit louder?”—
I ask. Sensitively; her quiet soul relapsed,
The chaos alone in her head, enough to shake the heaven’s bed.

I conclude to a thought and try to reminisce a good memory,
Just think happily.
Soon to find hope in your eyes,
I wonder the real idea I can prescribe.
Hair so soft and so thin,
Does she really know what to say? No.
Oh why can’t she breathe??
I wanna know the EDGE.
I’m falling. Sorry. Goodnight.
Ashamed and surprised but—
She brought the sunshine to my eyes this morning,
She greeted me hello and behind her shut the door.
But how? Why? My thoughts came back.
Her face in a look of wonder—
She asked.. “Why me?”
I replied with eager emotion—
“You intrigue me.”

A miniscule shake and silent. But tries to break it,
I see.”It all started when I was three.”
The gun to her heart she felt and she was rather relieved,
When I came. So grateful, so beautiful, her eyes
Shine and sparkle like sugar,
on a lime. Her mind—
wounded but still alive, her soul willing to strive
I’m applauding her magnificent ways–
What a wonderful way to behave.

Todays best new poem was written by Courtney McLaughlin.


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