Imagine walking down the hall,
And everyone turns to see.
Watching as I strut along,
All eyes on me.
If only I were pretty.

Imagine every single boy,
All competing for my attention.
Each and every one wanting,
To be the center of my affection.
If only I were pretty.

Imagine every girl’s envy,
Wishing she was in my place.
Each and every girl jealous,
Of my hair, my body, my face.
If only I were pretty.

What is pretty anyway?
A thin waist, small nose, flawless skin?
Because it seems that whatever anyone says,
I can never win.
Can I ever be pretty?

Pretty is what’s on the outside,
But I realize that I don’t care.
Because true beauty is what’s on the inside,
Not your chest or lips or hair.
And I am beautiful.


Todays best new poem was written by Eva Baker.


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