A man makes orders, people follow like they’re characters and he’s the author,
this man doesn’t share wealth with his people, he keeps it to himself like a hoarder,
he never gets his own hands dirty but he has sat and watched a man get tortured,
sat is his luxury chair and watched the whole thing and didn’t even feel awkward,
and people always listen to this man instead of looking into their own souls,
this man influences people with promises of riches, that’s how he controls,
because he’s good at what he does, he’s a deceiver who makes people listen,
he has wealth and is backed by unknown powers who keep him out of prison,
He is a front for ultimate corruption, and he’s strangling a nation,
And blindfolding it as well so we don’t see the evil were facin’
Maybe he forced his way to the top or maybe he was elected,
Never truly earned what he has but still expects to be respected,
How can he stand tall and proud as a leader of people he neglected,
The people don’t want him as a leader now their rights are being affected,
Unite with all your people and stand together in a revolution,
Take back the soil that belongs to your people, it’s the only solution,

oh and I almost forgot to tell you the name of this coward!
Its ………(insert the name of almost any man in power)

Todays best new poem was written by R Hope.


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3 thoughts on “Power

  1. Good voice, enjoyed it despite personally finding the topic trite. Just watch grammar and lose a few surplus words here and there to keep rhythm up and the piece flowing. Other than all that, hat’s off to you.

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