Politics And Chewing Gum

Sit with me here today
We’ll talk politics and chewing gum

Yes let’s do lunch
Let’s make plans to rule the world
A hippy runs for president

YES I inhale
I breathe, I eat and dream
In colors unreal

YES same as you
Music moves my soul to tears
Give me hip-hop give me blues

YES I enjoy jazz
Smooth jazz OOO la la
What fun we had this afternoon

YES a movie does sound good
What’s playing at the multi plex?
Thirty-six pictures to choose

YES I remember
Star wars on the big screen
Revolutionary sound and effects

YES it cost less
So did milk and soup de-jour
The bus was less

YES so was gas
We were a little younger then
Had other interest other friends

YES you are different
You are like a good book worth reading again
Like moving morning fog

YES your one of a kind
Really you are quite special
I like the way you smile

YES let’s just skip the movie this time
Sit with me and witness life
We’ll talk politics and chewing gum
YES let’s do lunch again real soon


Todays best new poem was written by Rick Slottow.