Poetry Fans Win Money

Money is generated from submission fees for the online poetry slam contest at BestNewPoetry.com and t-shirt & accessory sales in the Shop throughout the year. 25% of that cash will go towards a Poetry Fan Prize Fund that will be randomly awarded to actively participating poetry fans that help judge the free written poem contest here at BestNewPoems.com and/or the online poetry slam @ BestNewPoetry.com. By Facebook “Liking”, Twitter “Tweeting”, Pinning, leaving comments about the best new poems you like, or sharing the poems you enjoy with your friends on your favorite social network, you automatically qualify for drawings to win real cash prizes!

When the Poetry Fan Prize Fund reaches $20, I will randomly select and award the money to an actively participating poetry fan. The exact amount of money in the Poetry Fan Prize Fund will be updated at the end of each month. If you are randomly selected to receive a cash prize, I will contact you via social network or Email, and give you the option to either provide me with (1) a physical address so I can send you a money order, or (2)your Email address that you use for Paypal to receive the money electronically.

Notice: If you do not reply to my message and supply me with this information within 5 days, I will be forced to draw a new name and award the $20 to a different poetry fan.