1st Ever $20 Poetry Fan Cash Prize!

Free Poetry ContestThe Poetry Fan Cash Prize Fund has reached $20. I selected a winner 3 days ago, sent them a notice, and have not yet received a reply. As the rules state, if the chosen winner does not reply within 5 days to claim the prize, I will randomly select a different participating poetry fan as the winner.

If you have helped judge the poetry contest here at BestNewPoems.com prior to August 29th of this year, check your Email, Facebook, or Twitter messages. You may be the poetry fan that I’m waiting on to claim the $20 cash prize. I will announce the winner once the prize has been properly claimed!  🙂

2 thoughts on “1st Ever $20 Poetry Fan Cash Prize!

    • I will announce the top ten poems over the last ten days of the year just like I did last year AL.. The winning poem will be announced December 31st. This is about the poetry fan prize fund. It has reached $20, so it’s time to award someone the money for helping judge the contest. The winner has one more day to respond to the notice that I sent out. If they do not respond by then, I will select another one of the 1,000’s of poetry fans that have Facebook “liked”, tweeted, shared, or commented on the poems featured for the conest.

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