Submit Best New Poems

Please read the submission guidelines before submitting a poem. Poems that do not meet the guidelines will be discarded. If you don’t receive an acceptance Email after 10 business days, you may submit up to 2 more of your best new poems. I can only accept one poem per person for each annual poetry contest, so make sure to submit your best new poems.

Once I receive 350 qualifying poems for the 2014 poetry contest, submissions will no longer be accepted. So don’t wait too long to submit a poem!

Click Here To Read The Submission Guidelines And Submit A Poem

Each poem that is accepted into the contest will be featured on the home page of the Best New Poems for 7 days to give as many poetry fans as possible, a chance to read and judge them.

Cash Prize

Money is generated from Shop sales on this website throughout the year. I am going to give 50% of the cash profits to the poet that submits the most popular poem that I feature for the poetry contest in 2014. Basicly, if the website generates $1000 in profits this year, then, the winning poet will win $500. The exact amount of the Poetry Contest Prize Fund is updated at the end of each month.