Submission Guidelines

Guidelines For Submitting To The Free Poetry Contest For 2016

  1. You must be at least 13 years old to compete in the poetry contest.
  2. You may only submit 1 poem to be featured in each yearly contest.
  3. The best new poems you submit must be your own original material that has not been previously published on any other public media platform.
  4. Poems must be at least 10 lines and no more than 39 lines long.
  5. All styles of poetry are allowed.
  6. All poems must be formatted into lines. Poems submitted in the form of a continuous paragraph will be discarded.
  7. The best new poem you submit must not contain curse words or adults only subject matter, keep em’ clean or I will just delete them.
  8. I will not feature any poem for the contest that contains any of the following subject matter..
  • Poems about sex.
  • Poems about drug, alchohol use.
  • Poems that depict a specific country, religion, ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation as being superior or inferior to another.
  • Poems criticizing a specific religion or promoting Satanism.
  • Poems romanticizing suicide.
  • Poems typed in all capital letters.
  • Poems containing a large amount of spelling and/or punctuation errors will also be deleted.

Please read the submission guidelines above carefully before submitting a poem. Poems that do not meet the guidelines will be discarded. If you do not receive an acceptance Email after 10 business days, you may submit up to 2 more of your best new poems for consideration.

I can only accept one poem per poet for each annual poetry contest, so make sure that you submit your best new poems. Once I receive 350 qualifying poems for the 2016 poetry contest, submissions will no longer be accepted. So don’t wait too long to submit a poem!

I am not taking submissions for the 2016 poetry contest at this time. Please check back in a few weeks..

Each poem that is accepted into the contest will be featured on the home page of the Best New Poems for 7 days to give as many poetry fans as possible, a chance to read and judge them.

Cash Prize

Money is generated from Shop sales on this website throughout the year. I am going to give 50% of the cash profits to the poet that submits the most popular poem that I feature for the poetry contest in 2015. Basicly, if the website generates $1000 in profits this year, then, the winning poet will win $500. The exact amount of the Poetry Contest Prize Fund is updated at the end of each month. I reserve the right not to feature any poem submitted to the poetry contest for any reason.