Planet Earth

broken wings with halo’s cracked
mental trains gone off the track
schizophrenic domino games
where different forms all hide the same
lame duck rules and moral flops
power tripping priests and cops
mops that push on marble floors
cocaine dreams of classy whores
chores and boys that dance in puddles
wizard wishing boring muggles
troubled castles made of sand
impermanence like wind in hand
a jazzy band in smoked out bars
a distant view of flicking stars
with smoking cars like metal beasts
a starving boy, a hefty feast
a needle piercing tattooed skin
a wet suit wearer hugging fin
a dirt clod fell from hand to grave
the silk of masters, scars of slaves
a smile of a thousand curves
a book of 20 thousand words
a panther black as charcoal lumps
a laughing girl, a snobby grump
a homeless slump in cardboard palace
a holy quest for magic chalice
a perfect world disguised as poop
head chopping rows of chicken coops
insanity propelled by birth
so welcome home to planet earth


Todays best new poem was written by Snido.


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