hollowness beneath the skin

strides are made, but never win

black hole deep inside the core, close your eyes

…shut the door.

upward curving curl

so difficult a task,

even when successful…

a covering, a mask.

the tiniest of details,

climax a tirade whirl

spinning, blurring, causing pain

to every boy & girl.

just slings and blood and tempered bones

awash with mad defiance,

threatened apathetic tones

just looking for alliance.

finally, a seeming victory

tattered white cloth raised

a lone soul lost & crumpled,

ragged, weak & dazed.

a single moment, collapsed

in need…

reaching for the tiny light

but alas, there was no heed.

forced beneath the surface

willing it to rot,

still it rests, deep within…

unwilling to be forgot.

no fix. no cure. nor spoke about.

yet nothing to make it cease

kill it. stop it. finally end

the mesmerizing beast.

Todays best new poem was written by DeRonda Hastings.


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