People Lost In Time

Sitting beside you
could feel the dampness of earth beneath
just six feet of it between you and I
wished we never said goodbye
That I was with you till the day I die
And what’s real was an unreal lie
A lie a lie a lie

The wind playing with my hair
and though you’re not here
I can feel you rush through my veins
With every drop of blood in there
And then the random gush of wind
that makes the shrubs, the tiny ones
bend and twist and spin
just like the turmoil in my head
Making me feel living dead
dead and dead and dead….

And the one that fell
was more of an angel
More kind and gracious than I could ever tell
the heavenly soul that left….

The deed that made THE MAKER weep
and tears floating in air
don’t dare touch his coffin, his grave
and there I lay and crave
cursing time and THE LORD
that took away my soul, my flesh and everything
leaving my body to decay from within……

Todays best new poem was written by Harris Mehmood Siddiqui.


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