Peace Be Still

Peace be my beatin heart
Ready to tear out my chest
Whenever you pass by
Passion for you gave me the drive
To live, and give, and stay alive
Being without you is just wrong
Like a songbird without a song
I?m ova the ?you did me wrong? drama
Should have listened to momma
And neva let you get so close
To my heart with darts
N now it?s ready to explode?.

So be still my beatin heart
Shoulda known from the very start
That you?d crush it, n bust it, then toss it
Out the door
Oh no it?s on the floor
Yet n still wantin more
Of you crushin it, bustin it, n tearin it apart
Wishin n prayin you change
Need to turn the page
But it?s blank with no ink
Like a heart with no beat
Feelin like a homeless man on the street

Please be still my heart
Just survive another day
Hopin and prayin
For another way
To love again
Let it have no end
Let the feelin come alive
Don?t wanna die not lovin another man

Todays best new poem was written by Professor T


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