This feeling I have brought on by you
One of disgust for the trust that you bestow
Having myself feel insecure of my love
Thinking that it is never enough
Having turned love into lust
Our love bug is now crushed
Once head over heels
Now pulling back the wool that covered my eyes
And now I see the wolf standing here
Truly bitten and smitten to think that this could be
True love is merely a dream
I had high hopes for us
Now I’m looking up from where I’ve been
But somehow I just can’t let this be
My heart cries out in pain
Wishing that I didn’t feel like this
Hoping that I am wrong in this
Praying that God is sincere in this gift
Were my lessons are learned and this woman is legit
But could it be me that is the cause of all of it??


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13 thoughts on “Paranoia

  1. I hope people can relate to this and understand that feeling of paranoia that feeling that overcomes one mind and has them feeling that everything around them is caving in or everything is fine and they can’t be touched..ergo paranoia

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