One World Three Nations One Father One God

From one father, came three strong nations under one God
A father who was humble, gentle, passionate and God fearing
A father who was loved by all
A father who was blessed with wealth
A father who is highly respected
A father who was merciful even to stand in to plead for the sins of a whole two cities
A humble father who became a friend of God
As a friend of God, he was promised to be the father of all nations
This promise was fulfilled by the faithful God of this loving father.

From this father, came three sons
Each son came from a different mother
But they had a common father
The three sons had three mothers, one father and one God
They worshipped the God of their father
Remember, tis one world, three nations, one father, one God.

From the three sons came three nations
Thus fulfilling the promise of God to His friend
Out of the three nations came three worships
The three worships however did not neglect the God of their loving father
Tis now three nations, One God.

Plague of hatred then crept in
Where from this hatred?
Three nations, three mothers, one father, one inheritance.
The issue of birth right was ignored
Each mother influenced their sons for the one inheritance
The one inheritance has been given to them all
They hold their one inheritance in their right hand as their one God
But they are not content
They teach their sons and daughters to hate the sons and daughters of the other nations
Hatred became the link between the three nations
This hatred was then passed on from generations to generations through their sons and daughters
They forgot and keep forgetting the truth.
They forget they are from one father
They forget they are one blood
They forget they are from one root
They forget they hold one teaching, one understanding but different interpretation
They forget at the end they will all face one God, one Judgement.
Remember this, whenever you visit any of the three nations
Tis one world, three nations, one father, one God.
Therefore we are ONE PEOPLE under ONE BIG GOD

Todays best new poem was written by Samuel Ofori Danso.


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