Once Again…

Once again the thought has crossed my mind,
What have I done to make my life prized?
With the years pass by like grains of sand,
In the end nothing to hold in my hand.
Each year saying good bye,
Demanding myself for the reply,
What have I done to make my life high?
I might not have countless pesos,
But I have a heart with mighty halos.
which always leads me to bonafide aisle,
Asking, do I have to prove myself to all, by drenching my soul in guile?
To which I cautiously compile with all my might such a stile,
Where I will stand strong with no distress among the cloud of blithe.
With the new string of satisfaction I will intend to frame a fresh dream ,once againÂ……


Todays best new poem was written by Swati.


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