Ocean Of Secrets

They say a womans heart is an ocean of secrets,
Wherein she keeps her emotions and regrets,
When she has no one to say what she feels,
Or a tender touch so that all heals,
She makes it a part, of her inner heart,
So deep down, where it’s never found,
They say what they say but they never know,
Because a woman never lets her pain show.

Devastated in feelings she may be,
But on her face you’ll never see,
What’s her past or misery.

Her heart was once young and kind,
Now its hard and tough and too love blind,
It seeks no more to be comforted again,
As a part of life she accepts pain.

Such a pity that she never became,
what she wanted to be, no she’ll never be the same,
Once her heart becomes an ocean of secret,
The truth is she stops feeling anything,
Be it emotions, pain, or regret.


Todays best new poem was written by Sonali Bandyopadhyay.