Nowhere Boy

Where have you been
my son?
Nowhere mum.
Everywhere is somewhere?
You can’t have been nowhere?
I’ve been nowhere mum.
So where is nowhere?

Did you meet nowhere people and
speak the language of a nowhere tongue?
I imagine you sitting on a nowhere bench
in a nowhere park,
chewing on chips.
Pop fizzing over the rim of your can, and
splashing onto a nowhere path.
As somewhere people strolled everywhere,
staring at the boy in his nowhere world.

Where have you been Mr. Nowhere?
Between two some where’s – in no place – not anywhere.
Did you wander and explore?
Was I in your thoughts?
Come back to somewhere my boy,
and hold reasons warm hand.
For there is – without doubt – no future,
in your cherished, nowhere land.

Todays best new poem was written by Christopher Marsden.


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