I hate to wake up to a day’s unknown

Not being prepared for the day’s excitation

Taking by surprise is my least expectation

Dealing with my action might surprise your reaction…


Picking up the pieces of yesterday’s misfortune

Regretting those days that made me gone wrong

Nothing that I can do now for that day’s reaction

Only forgivenes is what I ask for my wrong action!!!


Yesterday commotion is an event of a past

Forgetting what happened is what I will ask

Lets take tomorrow’s day as a fresh start

For nobody’s perfect is created for us!!!


I hope you can read this little poem of mine

Dedicated to you with good intention in mind

Hoping that forgiveness will be at hand

And start again to the life we had once.

Todays best new poem was written by Rachel Hill.


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4 thoughts on “NOBODY’S PERFECT…

  1. This poem is not the razzle dazzle sort of poem which makes a poem boring! This poem is easy to absorb and understand. The message reflect emotion focussing forgiveness. Good poem!!

  2. The poem emphasize on emotion. Every stanza rationalize the author’s objectives for readers to understand the contents of the poem. A simple poem but highly regarded.

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