No Man’s Land

One strand of memory
Clings to me,
I push it away,
“Let me go!”
But it won’t listen,
it doesn’t know,
The ways of this world,
that we humans follow.
And thus, I stomp it down,
and splash my tears
it must die its own death
and I light my fears.
They spread into it’s body,
aflame, it stares at me
I leave, it is time
The borders have been drawn and sealed.
I hold the barbed wire
between my fingers
and snatch at it, till I bleed.
Drop by drop my memories
drench in the rain.
Memories mellow down
they are about to die
It is time, to move on
from the No man’s Land.

Todays best new poem was written by Priyanka Dey.


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