No Love

no love was ever in your heart
and that right there just tears me apart
I wish you coud’ve just been real from the start
why did you have to go and lie
please give me a reason, I just ask why
why did you have to lie to me
why couldnt you just let me be
just let me pick up all the broken pieces
and sit and straighten out all the creases
why did you have to play along with my sick illusion
why did you have to add hurt and confusion
my world was already crumbling around
I opened my eyes and couldn’t stand what I found
you were once my best friend
someone I trusted to the very end
but then you showed me the real you
and its still hard for me to believe its true
that my life is so lost within a blink of the eye
that everything I onced believed was all a lie
and now I sit here so scared and all alone
and still to weak to even pick up the phone


Todays best new poem was written by Antionette Ybarra.


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One thought on “No Love

  1. Yup my cousin wrote this im so proud of her that shez doing good no doubt this one will win! 🙂 i love you cousin

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