it’s not meant for pretty little girls
is it?
yet it still twists your life
turns it upsidedown & insideout
whirling shadows into the
happiest of f a i r y t a l e s
The f a i r y t a l e turns on you.
It grates on your nerves.
What you thought was
h a p p i l y e v e r a f t e r,
brownbrown curls & brownbrown eyes
friendly smiles & no goodbyes
vanilla curls & brownbrown eyes
turned into swords and scabbards, switchblades and spears
and then ibeats as it sweeps up its shards as it cleans up the blood that has been spilled
Not for me
I don’t want this.
Not ever. It’s cruel and wrenching.
No, I refuse this nightmare.

Todays best new poem was written by Helen Shi.


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