Next Journey

I stand here now
Without a word, without vision, without promise, without thought
I have discovered that my very being suffers not because of others, on the contrary
Because of my own doing
So where do I begin, where do I end
As I stand in the middle, clearing the noise, softening the thunder and slowly easing in
I have touched something within myself which has not been felt in so long
My union, my truth
It’s reaching out; it’s fighting to be released
How I thirst for adventure, how I long not for prosperity, I long for love
I long to truth
And for some reason there is not truth, at this moment, in my existence
There is not love, deep love, compassion
I have waited for this to surface to become a part of
Can I share this moment with you, this union of self, the knowledge of no knowledge at all
Just clear thought, freed from illusion from the edge of mass distraction
Parts of me cry in sadness that is thriving to hold; not letting go
My beauty, my light is rising to the surface and thrusting to explode at any moment
In this there is no time, there is only now and I must do this, I must be reborn
And on the other side I will unfold…I will find myself
In order to become I must let go
In order to love I must trust
The intuition screaming inside
Pushing me to follow my true path
Bit by bit I believe again, in you, in this world, in the adventure I was born to follow
Take a hold now because it will be a rocky ride but when you reach the end you will reach your new beginning; you will then see truth, you will find enlightenment, you will come to love


Todays best new poem was written by Andrea Patterson.


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