Never Stop Being Me

I will never expire or retire from being me,
Cause that is like roots without the tree,
The whole foundation would be missing,
While my character is slipping,
and my friends would be tripping,
Wondering why you’re acting like a clone,
When you are grown,
and you have a mind of your own,
That you have shown,
Take some time out to be alone,
so you can get back to who they know,
Because it’s about time that you show,
What exactly God has created,
which is highly rated,
Your true colors,
to all of the others,
who have not seen it as yet,
Hey! How much do you want to bet,
That there will be no more regrets,
Cause when you get back to being you,
That is when you will be TRUE!!


Todays best new poem was written by Adele Williams.


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