Needing Peace

O let the winds dry away thou distraught tears,

Why can’t the sun stroke mine eternal pain?

Tired and weary, may God abolish mine fears-

I hear the distant thunder, I feel those drops of rain,

Open mine eyes, lead me unto that Heavenly light,

Within glory of mine days, thou moments chosen-

Needing to run but desiring a wings enhancing flight,

I search for peace, till mine rise unto Heaven,

Thou Spirit enters thy Kingdom, to praise and glorify –

Direct through wisdom, save mine soul’s pains abate,

Reach into eternity thy emotional revelation doth defy ,

Thy obsession not through pity but desires to equate-

That reservoir of feeling, walk in peace eternal glow,

Regain thou faith, now follow the leader let faith flow.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Anna Lee Broussa.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?