Name Who

he has no name to answer to
Lets just call him ‘name who’
lets make him half chinese and half hutsu
He smiles really cute like you do
But unlike you he generates his smile from nothing but fantasies
his mother died when he was two
his father followed suit
when he was about to
graduate from high school
Now he lives in a world painted blue
Where he blames God for every misfortune
His ego sticks out tall like bamboo
To shield the traumatised kid within
The kid that yearns for something
Only if he could be reborn to a life thats new
In his mind nobody’s been what he’s been through
the haunting scars of life mark his body like tatoos
pain stirs up inside like a whirlpool
But he’s a butterfly strapped in this toturous cocoon
he swells up with pain like a hot balloon
He’s last resort is the mirror
The broken mirror that gives a perfect image of his life
eyes tight shut, shard in one hand painfully he slits his wrists
No life flashes cause he didnt have any
his body left exposed in the eyes of many
and thats the fate of ‘name who’
his identity doesn’t exist we make it do
He is the youngman on the
streets feeling hard concrete with his bare feet

Todays best new poem was written by Futuristik.


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