My Special Love

It’s so hard to accept that you’re gone
But I know that you’ll never leave me alone
Sometimes I run, sometimes I stay
What I would give to hear you say
That everything is going to be okay
The day the Lord called your name
I knew I’d never be the same
I want you near and close
Your heart is what I love the most
I need you to come back here
Because I’m afraid that all of my fears
Are coming true and here to stay
Lita, please make them go away
I’ve loved and I’ve lost
Been hurt and betrayed
But my love for you will never change
Even though we’re miles apart
You’re still holding onto my heart
And this distance is tearing me apart
Even though it’s different now
You’re still here somehow
But I know the one thing that is true
Is my special love for you

Todays best new poem was written by Stephanie Gutierrez.


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One thought on “My Special Love

  1. I like this poem. Love is a very interesting subject. To be in love and still have so much pain . To loose the one you love is a crying shame. Very touching.

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