My Pieces & Your Body

For every line
I write I must
Be direct your
ears listen
Take in the melody
Letting the message
Pound your heart
To make your
body real having
You fly like
A white swan
Who comes every
My pieces must
Make you fall in luv
A maze for me
To run inside
To find you
So that I can
Correct you & teaching
you that dramatic luv
Making those fall who
Couldn’t do it melting
The chains so that
You can walk into
My heart forgetting the
rest has your body
Speechless with every verse
brings a new sound of you
wanting me more
my pieces makes your body
Respecting you &your needs
Will let you open up more
Ima speed it up more
making your booty drop
teasing you with my addiction
of Poetic wordz my lyrics are real

Todays best new poem was written by Jarvon Greer.


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