My Pen Will Never Stop

Either under the open sky or in a closed black room
on an empty paper, this blue ink will always groom
the words, from my heart, that are falling drop by drop
So my pen will never stop

The ocean of my feeling, on which my imagination is sailing
will make that useless page, a need
and will leave it on the bank of that ocean, like a precious pearl bead
It is only a poet’s pen that cares for all this
which is
neither more than an ink container and nor less than a bliss

So, either under a tree shadow, or above a mountain top
Till my hands have sense, my pen will never stop

This pen is stronger than a sword
though, not made up of any metal rod
because it’s creation is indestructible
which will never ever die, it is immortal

So, a poet may die, but her creation will never flop
Until my eyes close, my pen will never stop.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Gloria.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


16 thoughts on “My Pen Will Never Stop

  1. This is true, pen is the best sword we ever had. So, keep on writing no matter what!

  2. A writer knows that a pen is actually a bliss
    keep on writing……………………

  3. Poem…a lovely one man 😮 gr8 man (y)
    My wishes…the poet reaches heights 😀 (:

    • Thanks…..And my pen will never stop….
      Thanks for all your love for my poem


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