My Minds Struggle

I was born in Florida, february of 80,
a 9 lb. half ounce beautiful lil baby.
Born to mother who would love me so,
but to a dad that I would never get to know.
I was born with green eyes just like hers,
what looks I have from him in my mind stirs.
I am now 31 and the years sure have passed,
each precious moment here and gone so fast.

Why this happened to me I ponder,
why he didnt want me my mind wonders.
Why wasnt I good enough to be his little girl,
why didnt he want to be apart of my world?
how can any man leave his own baby,
did he ever think of me,who knows, maybe?

My heart is torn and ready to bleed,
his embrace is the only thing that I need.
This is my hurt this is my pain,
every thought brings tears like the rain.
To know my father would make me whole,
to understand his reasons would help my soul.

All these emotions inside they wait to flee,
its almost like this confusion has overtaken me.
Part of me wants to hate him
Most of me cant help but love him
Day by day my emotions stays locked inside,
when all I really want is a loving dad by my side.

This is from my soul from deep inside my heart
this is why I feel like my world is torn apart.
Please someone help me find him before its to late,
please dad come home your daughter patiently awaits.

Todays best new poem was written by Pam Hammock.


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