My Mind

Sometimes im not sure

If I want to be myself

Or just a person watching.

Watching a troubled person,

trying to understand his troubled mind.

Would I feel more helpless or would it just be the same?

From my point of view I can’t understand myself,

how can I be analyzed and judged by any other than myself,

how can they understand me more than myself, label me as another book on the shelf.

how can anyone else understand me when I can’t understand myself.

What are my thoughts, an image of something unreal?

The ideas of what I could have been or the things I desire?

I desire nothing else than to understand myself.

I desire nothing else than to know myself.

So how can anyone say they understand?

Perhaps they understand the situation I’m in, but how can they understand feelings?

Understanding is a feeling, how is that feeling able to judge if other feelings are right or wrong?

We are feelings, and we can not understand them.

Mindlessly fool yourself to think you know, but can you really say that you do?

One can not understand another persons thoughts until you understand what thoughts are.

Don’t try to tell me what they are, because you can not possible know.

What you say and how you behave are a result of your thoughts, but no one knows why the thoughts are there in the first place.

All I am is a troubled mind

So I need to find a reason to why I am troubled?

But what if being troubled is the reason?

But our minds lets us think otherwise.

Todays best new poem was written by BlackRoseRippin.


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