My Last Word

An ache in my chest that I can’t stand
Ripped out and filled with an iron brand
Pain for life and heartache to last
I just never expected the end to come so fast
Love is not a lasting thing
Pain that I know will cling
They say that nice guys finish last
But where’s the end? An ache I can’t seem to pass.
Always and forever is just a lie
That’s the reason for the tears I cry
But as long as your happy then maybe it will be worth it.
I know now that in your life I can’t fit.
Nothing changes its always the same.
Pain from the start but I will see it again.
But still I know that I will fight threw the fire.
Till the day that they light my funeral pyre.
Tho now I’m down I will not stay out.
I stay quiet tho inside I shout.
One day true happiness will find us all.
But for me it seems all that’s left is the fall.
People see me as happy and carefree.
But true happiness is rare I see.
Surrounded by love but all I feel is hate.
Karma is my enemy but it will.not be my fate.
But I know I will forever move forward.
Love will indeed be my final word.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by GreenBloodedHooligan.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


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