My Favor

Whole lot of trouble
my lifes in dissmay

I turn my heart to
you Lord
I close my eyes to pray

My pain runs deep
mountains seem so steep

Obstacles abound
and wonder
Lord Ae You Around

I know that you care
Somthings that are
so very hard to bare

Life is just so hard
others may have it worse

I pray you remove
this curse

I pray for abundant joy
for wisdom
and to discern

These things I know
that I dont earn
but in hopes
for your mercy and grace

That you will
favor in my place

Todays best new poem was written by Mary Smith.


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2 thoughts on “My Favor

  1. Thank-You for posting my poem it means alot to me. Thank-you very much for being supportive. I’ve asked others to come and view and support,but nobody will so Thank-you again for any nice comments! Some people do not understand about poetry or seem to want to care about it,its their loss!

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