My Eyes Burn

My eyes burn with tears,
Crying on the inside, only I can see.
Bloodshot from lack of sleep,
Only I know what‘s within,
Wishing someone would answer my prayers,
As I look in the mirror, I see Jekyll and Hyde,
One day I am happy, the other I am in despair,
My eyes burn with tears,
Inwardly I rage, with such uncertainty,
Of my pure image, I visualize is unworthy,
Unworthy of true happiness, unworthy of Love,
The harder I try, the farther I end up.
Why am I not pretty? Do you not see?
What is was that attracted you to me?
My eyes burn with tears,
Each time you put me down, or roll your eyes,
When you criticize the way I do things,
You pick me apart; you have encumbered my heart,
I am afraid to close my eyes; I dread that I am vanishing,
My own self, my own being, has been taken away,
You have shut me back down, you have broken my soul!

Todays best new poem was written by Korah Burdo.


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