My Butterfly

So happy to see your sweet face
And the sound of your voice
And all that’ is familiar
It doesn’t’ last long enough
Saying goodbye
Is way too rough
I tell myself to be strong
The separation won’’t be for long
But my heart is ripped from my chest
I remind myself
That I am blessed
I’’ve given my child
Their wings to fly
I’’ve nurtured the cocoon
And now emerged
My butterfly
This is the hardest part of letting go
But I know my love
They will never outgrow.


Todays best new poem was written by Karen Ranieri.


16 thoughts on “My Butterfly

    • lol Sorry for making everyone cry. I’m glad it touched you. You have a while before you little butterfly ventures off. Love you.

  1. I hear the voice in this poem as it captures the emotional edge at the doorway of departure. Well written.

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