Muted Shyness

A failures frown and a sunken smile

Written across my face

My uncomfortable eyes and suspicious looks

Darting all around

I try to hide these tremor ridden hands

And tapping feet

My racing heart and shallow breath

Are easier to disguise

Contradicting mind, thoughts accelerate

Yet no words make sound,

Just an outer shell muted by this curse

An extravert inside of me

Which doesn’t allow the world to see

Judgemental feelings, am I weak?

Every thought to speak overwhelms me,

Each sentence and word combine

They mix and form to one

A senseless mould of comprehension

Which appears and then it’s gone

Fear of embarrassment and rejection is now a rule

A belief imprinted in my soul

Looked upon with fear, aggression or pity

It’s holding him back I hear them say

Believing I am not seen as I am not heard

Furious that they say these things

It only makes it worse

Todays best new poem was written by David Bull.


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