Mother Warrior

I have lived my whole life in Kismaayo
I am married to a man who has four wives including me
I became a mother at the age of thirteen

A year later
I cry as I dig a grave
Mourning the death of the child that I bore
The tears that I cry are warm against my dry cracked lips

Out of the darkness, I have emerged into a powerful woman
The hands that I used to bury my 10 months child have now turned into a fist
I possess strength that is omnipotent compared to men
A voice as mighty as the lion’s roar

I am now an activist
Speaking for the silenced women and children in Somalia
I stand against
Injustice brought upon the innocent
A country that never speaks of a government
My inspiration is my child’s grave

Todays best new poem was written by Khadra Hussein.


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