Morning’s Eden

Alarm rings,
The sun peeks in through the window,
Dampness lingers through the screen from last night’s rain,
I unravel sheets across my skin,
I reach over to touch his skin, soft but masculine
His scent I will return too,
The dog scratches at the bedroom door,
Later,rush downstairs
I greet the day with the dog sniffing traces of last night’s critters,
I notice crystal drops of dew and earthworms,
It is my morning, my Eden,
Pancakes on the griddle,
He shaving upstairs,
We share breakfast,
He dresses and grabs his laptop, I wave and blow a kiss,
I watch the truck travel down the street,
It vanishes,
Run upstairs,
Sleep in his spot, embrace his scent, raveled with my dog and a cool sheet,
We wait,
This is my Eden.

Todays best new poem was written by Little Red.


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