she looks out the window,
because she cant touch the moon,
everyone that was with her left to soon,

she cries and screams,
hoping one day to escape,
because she know this window isn’t her fate,

drawn by the sweet aroma,
she cant tell if we’re near summer,
still in her heart there will never be another,

take a knife and hold it to her throat,
she wont tell you one word of why she is sad,
she keeps it bottled in,

she does say she wishes to see the moon again,
wishes to hold his hand,
she doesn’t care about the stars,

when she falls,
she must get up to reach again,
giving up is not her forte,

walking around the house with her head hung low,
so her attention span begins to slow,
but knowledge surely grows,

the moon shows his face,
the light he sheds I begin to embrace,
capture it as my own and shine it on others,

I know their seems to be longer winters and shorter summers,
and I barely hear birds chirp,
its all in patience so I’ll slowly lurk,

behind my curtain,
peaking my face,
you see my figure slightly enlaced,

I’m there in the morning air,
even when I don’t think the moon sees,
he does he is always ghosting,

but I tell the moon the most,
knows all my secret and stuff,
so the moon is my best friend,

provides a light when I’m blind,
and helps me out of harms way,
the moon is a dragon I’ll never slay


Todays best new poem was written by Kuresha Riley.


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