Mommy’s Brave Little Girl

My dear sweet daughter, How brave you are
Just new to this world, Single hearts drift apart
For many years, It was just us two
Every moment together, Just me and you
Then we met him, Our Journey’s begun
Far away we travel, Together as one
Who would have thought, Happiness cut short
That this move would end up, A battle in court
An order was made, So just and true
Go live with the Father, A stranger to you
Such a big girl, You did as were told
Your whole world shattered, Only four years old
When you miss me, hug your Mommy Bear
With hearts connected, I can feel you from here
If that doesn’t help, Look at the sky
It’s me blowing kisses, As the clouds go by
Time does pass, Though our bond never dies
I’ll never give up, Til I hear no more cries
Until that day comes, It’s plain to see
Mommy’s Brave Little Girl, You will always be


Todays best new poem was written by Cindy.


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