Mind Manipulation

Invasion of alienated human navigation
Their feelings resurrect the virus of greed mentality.
Like nuclear bombs exploding to innocent human beings.
Killing minds brutally, torturing people like whites in the apartheid vicinity.

The new act of mind manipulation

Old aged, young, married or engaged.
Do they have families, friends or they boiling in graves?
Mind manipulation, causing hard feelings creating sadness and tribulations.
Is it lack of education or criminal theology passed from generation to
Is it poverty or government stimulation?
rhetorical questions, questioning innocent audience causing more confusion.

Mind manipulation

Criminology is the science of dead souls.
It is the manifestation of lack of goals.
Instant success is living life from a grave in a distant vision.
Robbing me causing me to feel less of a human being.
Forcing my physical being to be a lethal automaton.
Where is the city of liberation?
who is democracy?
what is slavery?

Mind manipulation

This policy initially practiced as African tradition.
Performed out of Africa to attain back our possessions from foreign nations.
Because of jealousy, I killed my neighbours to gain their belongings.
I raped people to hurt them like I’m using a medicine from a doctors
Criminal theology!
Mind manipulation, using parapsychology for wrong purposes.
it is alive and active…

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