Mind Bank

Our mind is a private investment,
a broad private investment.
Looking in to the keys and lock-
laughing, laughing our conscience.
Always we open it, always we close it-
ever ever balancing interests and loans.
Our mind is an investment of loss-
increasing always from way to way.
forgotten rhythms as forgotten sorrows-
everything merge in mind as coins,
sounds somewhere, jerks somewhere.
Forgoing past shower gain for the time-
shower loss and only loss to mind-balance.
Investment may ruin, may ruin.
So sweet thoughts may you-
open a new investment with no gain or loss-
an infinite investment of a fine morning-
with full of sanctity and purity.
So serve with care our mind,
Conserve our private investment.


Todays best new poem was written by Suneetha Nair P.S.


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