Midnight Cruise

In the thick of a lusting evening a grand oak sways.

The warm air is comforting beneath the leafy grave.

Singing in the passion of the wind, an old car sits immortalized, protected by the canopy it’s within.

Its rusty frame writes decades of stories.

Its punctured tires roll through journeys untold.

Gloriously, unfolding a mystery of history that has already past me by.

In the feast of the night the moon shines bright and a star breaks through the city lights.

Moaning and groaning its broken radio reignites.

It breaths and it screams, then purrs like a cat.

A beautiful female blues song you can never re-act.

The song pleads with the spirits, the earth and the universe.

It tells the story of oppression’s birth.

And in the whining of a lonely guitar, the singer makes warning of future and Mars.


Todays best new poem was written by Ashley Dyer.


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