How can you live inside me,
When you are dead and gone,
Not to the world, at least for me?

How can you access my world,
When you are buried deep down,
Not in real, at least in dreams?

Why does it have to come back,
The thing called memories?
My face doesn’t show, but my heart still knows.

What if time can only heal wounds,
Not this deep?
The way you stabbed me, bit by bit.

Where can I hide away, oh please tell me,
Hide or runaway,
But how from me?

The sun seems to shine brighter,
The sky appears clearer,
Everything seems without you, a lot better,
But a piece of what’s left is still stuck here.

Maybe surrounded by love and smiles,
This bubble floats around that separates,
Never appearing to thin let alone burst,
What if one day it swallows me within?

Todays best new poem was written by Fira


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