Accomplishing even vicious
With the valuable franchise
Be capable of fair thought
Consider any thing lawful

Love, love and truth
Determine ever by wisdom
Know devices of hot and cold
Never be the device of free goods

Know concave and convex lenses
Never cave in the wrong to earn
Know laws of electricity and gravitation
When to form law to reform mankind

Contrived seedless fruits to taste
Certain we’re to invent plastic to
Decayed fertilizer to husbandry
Let truth alone triumph not mouth triumphs truth

Indeed taste is requisite of beings
Until burial of fleshy skeleton
We taste lines of books,
never let any one to taste our tax

Avert rising back-handers as gleam of dawn
Oppose inhumane with ahimsa
Value those deem mankind
Exert as Socrates living in the History of the world,

In the mirror of manners
be the image of others
Not only in this life, but eternally live
as cherishing human of mankind.


Todays poetry contest entry was written by Sekar.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?