Make Education Great

join in song this rhyming poetic do wop
he praises them to succeed where he did utter flop
worn gun metal pale mop!

he cringes when bearing (as witness) heavy backpack
finds muttering how offspring + other students cannot slack
edging closer to toward thine college track!

paging an outdated issue of Time Magazine now faded dull
pondering to organize thoughts that bubble within skull
offering suggestions within recesses of cranial hull!

down to brass tacks this task-master must force his hand
to axe fist sized brain an over imaginative sexual gland
via my trademark iambic pentameter brand!

exorbitant couture providing uniforms addressed
adorned with maybe district crest
thence offering playing field to don as welcome guest
by mockery, sham and travesty of fragile brittle egg nest!

minimal assignments or better yet banish them to boot
serving as escorts on forays to earn loot
taking stock of judges, lawyers, or musicians that toot!

basic skills ought to be taught such as how to cook
or conflict resolution the rage one ought to brook
carving start up company that generates successful nook!

exercise of body as essential as that of the mind
underscores the enhancement of fitness kind
with maintenance of self, which combination a rare find!

weed out shoots threatening to strangle learning tree
to allow supportive opportunity for creativity be free
proffering tender reeds to take root if you agree!

Todays best new poem was written by Unprintable.


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