Lowest Key

Glorified as the voice reverberates
around rectangular nest,
Hitting pitch of a falsetto
trained vocals.
Never a day it wasn’t heard
occupying entire arena.
Been the usual sound as it vibrates
reaching the rooftop.

At times when G-clef rolls in its reverse,
and notes get flat
amidst the prickly sharp end.
Had its three-fourth
rest on crescendo.
Lull sound unexplainably
shouts then ceases,
For it can’t always be
on its highest note,

but sometimes reaching its lowest key.


Todays best new poem was written by Larry.


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16 thoughts on “Lowest Key

  1. i love the freeverse style of this one. Not like poems that are merely like hallmark- card-like style. this is a true poem.

  2. This poem exemplifies great symbolism and imagery. Its ability to show the idea behind the musical reference makes this poem unique and striking.

  3. I guess this poem deserves an award. I like the use of the music terms that connote feelings… brilliant.

  4. very symbolic… and the poetic style is accomplished just right to my taste…
    more from you larry… 🙂

  5. The author’s use of G-clef, vibrato, crescendo means he’s quite a singer too and he uses all these to express his feelings. This is an extraordinary obra. It’s my first time to encounter poem with wordings like this one, making it supreme. The title Lowest Key is catchy. This poem deserves a 5-star rating. I hope other poets will be able to read this too.

  6. My highschool friend is still unstoppable through the years haha. Just so happy now that you still inspire our batch with your ‘obra’. You deserve a Palanca award on this. Our batch is so proud of you. Keep up the ‘poetic’ works my friend.

  7. Naks!! Let’s have poetry reading one time to be lead by you. Guess it would an exciting one. Please do a poem with a theme ‘retro’ this time, i guess you can give justice to the meaning of it. Your attack in the wordings is truly different. There’s heart involved. Great!

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