Love, Live, Pray

I love and pray and praise
every day and every night,
I know what there is to come
at the termination of our flight. die
because in their eyes
a wrath of the end will come

I want to love, I want to sing
to God and everyone else,
but people who just don’t believe
wont have him to themselves.

They dont know the long term destiny
of where they’ll end up living,
they think they will just stop one day
a fear bowl they are filling.

They dont want to reaping,
but if they knew
how much he could do,
then they wouldnt have trouble sleeping.

If we could imagine,
no one could see,
that he was there for you and me

Hell would start up on earth again
we’d kill and hate and go insane,
an apocalyptic sort of reign
where everyone would die in vein.

A world like that
I dont want to devise,
a breath without Him
I’d just despise.

But since we do honor him
and we can conceive,
we have an everlasting friend up our sleeve,
and Life, we would never really have to “leave”

Todays best new poem was written by Riley Barker.


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