Love Is..

Love is water that fills every cup according to its shape and size

Love is light that sees through every crack of your broken heart

Love is truth because it will always come out

Love is infinite, eternal, unchanging

Love is air cause without it we are?

Love is fire that fills your body with the heat of a thousand suns

Love is super glue of the universe

Love is beyond you, yet love is you

Love is the tall trees untouched by human hands

Love is a memory but yet the karma of your future plans

Love is the unspeakable language of my eternal father

Love is God, love is pain, love is pleasure, love is insane

Love is cruel, love is sweet, love is visible, but we can’t see it

Love is a secret locked away behind the door of wisdom guarded by compassion

Love is peace on earth, love is number 7

Love is my tea in the morning, love is thoughts of heaven

Love is imagination beyond the colors of the earth

The spectrum of colors that you can only hear, because the frequency is beyond our human vision

Love is a round square that you can only see in a five dimensional space

The best thing about love is that its free, and LOVE is here to stay.

Love is spirit, love has no form, love does not know what discriminate means

Love is watered down through expectations created by the external self

Love is black, love is white, love is fun, next time you try to classify love, don’t, cause in the end LOVE is LOVE

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Mirza Babic.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?