Love And Lost

What does it mean?
You said that you loved me,
What happened?

You started ignoring me
You said you wanted me
You said that we would work out
Where is that guy now?
When I need him

Where is he?
I try and try to be ok with this
But I never am
And I doubt I ever will be
But I need you in my life
I love you
I always will

I don’t know how I can just break off
And not talk to you anymore
But I will have to try
I don’t want to be played with
I don’t want to be lied to

I respect myself too much
To play your games
I respect myself too much
To keep believing that you love me
You said that we could be together
But when?

You are always gone
And when you get back
I’ll be gone
Will I ever see you again?

Todays best new poem was written by Rebecca Bezy.


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