LOVE had given me wings to fly,
LOVE made me float up in the sky.
but now, LOVE had made my eyes cry,
LOVE made my heart DIE.

subliminally, LOVE killed the joy in me.
yes , indeed. LOVE is the greatest thing there would be.
but for ME? LOVE is just another word for MISERY.

but without LOVE,
i wouldnt be the MAN i am now.
i wouldnt be writing poems of love,
and poems about a broken vow.

thanks to LOVE,
for this achievement i have achieved.
someday, somehow i will be again ready to love.
and all of the joys i’ve lost,
ill be back, and they will be retrieved.

i will be saving all my love for the girl i am meant for,
and i swear to the angels above,
for I, ALBERT, a POET, and a lover.
this journey of mine, is never over.

Todays best new poem was written by Poeticallymiserable.


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2 thoughts on “Love

  1. I enjoyed the true feelings of the heart, in a magnificent flow of your words….

    • thanks barbara, this is poetically miserable, if you want more of my works, add me up on facebook coz i keep my poems there, if you dont mind, please click the like button 🙂 thanks

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